5 Reasons why a Comprehensive Test is Important for Men in their 30s. Number 3 will Amaze you!


Men’s health points to aspects of well-being that are particular to men, affect men more frequently than it does to women or differ from how they affect women. Men typically live five years less than women do. In addition to having high blood pressure, about 30% of adult men are obese. Men alone are affected by diseases like prostate cancer, and more men engage in unhealthy lifestyle behaviours like smoking and drinking.

Men are more likely to put off visiting the doctor to receive the necessary medical care and tests needed, despite these health concerns. Promoting healthy lifestyle choices, routine examinations, and testing to detect potential health issues are all part of a focus on men’s health. According to an individual’s situation, a wide range of tests are obtainable that can support men’s health. A usual check-up with the doctor may include some tests as routine kinds of screening.

Usually, men refrain from getting medical testing for various reasons. They include the lack of insurance, the belief that nothing is wrong, the ability to stick it out, and the lack of a doctor. However, these problems are easily fixable and far less significant than the blood tests every man needs to stay healthy. Diseases that tend to trouble men are usually asymptomatic; diabetes, high cholesterol, low testosterone, and heart disease, which is why recommended comprehensive blood tests are crucial. Blood testing can establish a baseline, making it much easier to see and detect changes. Furthermore, early problem detection increases the likelihood of living a longer, healthier, and higher-quality life.

Why Are Tests Very Vital for Men?

1. Kidneys can deteriorate and finally stop operation, which can be life-threatening, without a comprehensive test and treatment. The good thing is that kidney disease is preventable from getting worse if detected early. You can schedule a well-man clinic test today.

Kidney disease is any damage that reduces the kidney’s capacity to operate. The kidneys must remain in good condition to assist in blood purification and blood pressure regulation. There are several causes of kidney disease, but sometimes there aren’t any symptoms. The kidneys’ health may be affected by many conditions like dehydration, toxic medicines or substances, autoimmune illnesses, and diabetes.

2. A stroke can happen when there is a disruption in or a significant reduction in the flow of blood to the brain. It is vital to get a heart health test today because illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure can all cause strokes. It’s crucial to undergo a blood test for early detection of a stroke to avoid one from occurring.  

3. Surprisingly, testicular cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in males in their 30s. Being proactive about prevention and screening for testicular cancer in your 30s is very necessary. Some symptoms include; lumps in one or both testicles, scrotal or testicular pain, and the breast region may become painful. Book an appointment with us for a proper examination and subsequent check-ups.

4. Some health issues in men, such as erectile dysfunction, do not have particular symptoms. Therefore, a detailed test checks for health indicators that can contribute to this dysfunction.

5. Some severe diseases with mild symptoms could be mistaken for minor health issues, but with proper diagnosis, such conditions can easily be detected and managed. You can book a general health profile blood test for easy detection.

It is okay for men to take control of their healthcare. To get medical care, you don’t need to wait until you start experiencing incapacitating symptoms. You don’t need to suffer through it. Knowing about your health allows you to take action before problems worsen, therefore, reducing the need for sick days. Men should strive to be better versions of themselves to live healthier lives, especially those in their 30s. By doing so, they wouldn’t suffer various illnesses when they advance in age.