Signs of a weak immune system


The parts of our body that provide resistance to diseases are generally called the immune system. They include; the white blood cell, antibodies, lymphatic system, spleen, bone marrow, and thymus. Our immune systems can become weak and cease to function effectively at times. It can result from stress, anxiety, immune-suppressing medicines such as steroids, excessive immune reactions such as allergies, or immune response to oneself, known as autoimmunity.

One of the incredible features of the immune system is that it compensates. This implies that when any part becomes sluggish or non-functional, another part essentially intervenes. Two or more organs of the immune system can perform the same function. However, some are stronger at a particular job than others. Therefore, we must also ensure to keep a healthy immune system capable of fighting off infections and viruses such as covid-19 that we may encounter. Any observation of constant sickness, unusual fatigue or other nagging symptoms that is difficult to explain may mean that the immune system is weak.

Look out for some of these warning signs and what you can do to give your immune system a boost.

1. Increased Stomach Issues

Constipation, gas, or frequent diarrhoea could signify a weakened immune system. The digestive tract houses about 65% of our immune system. The healthy bacteria and microbes that dwell there protect the gut from diseases and strengthen the immune system. Insufficient levels of these beneficial gut bacteria can put us at risk for covid-19 viruses, severe inflammation, and possibly autoimmune diseases.

2. Constant Cold

Adults who sneeze, sniff, and cough their way through two or three colds a year are typical. The majority of people recover in six to ten days. The immune system only needs three to four days at that period to produce antibodies and ward against bothersome bacteria and viruses. But if you’re catching colds more frequently or getting worse, it’s a sign that your immune system is having trouble keeping up.

3. Frequent Infection

Battling frequent infections is another sign that the body might be sending warning signals. Other obvious red flags include:

  • Experiencing more than four ear infections in a year
  • Developing pneumonia twice in one year
  • Needing more antibiotics than usual
  • Suffering chronic sinusitis or more bacterial sinusitis in a year.

4. Regular Fatigue

Working around the clock is supposed to make one tired. However, if you’re receiving adequate sleep and still feeling tired, the need to examine the body is pertinent. Perhaps your immune system is sending you a warning. When your immune system is compromised, your energy level also suffers. That’s because your body is attempting to conserve energy to power your immune system so it can combat pathogens.

5. Prolonged Healing

When we suffer a burn, cut, or scratch, the skin primarily initiates a damage control response. For the wound to heal and regenerate skin, the body sends nutrient-rich blood to the injury. A healthy immune system is necessary for this healing process. Regrettably, if the immune system is weak, the skin cannot rejuvenate. The wounds, however, don’t go away and are difficult to heal.

6. Extremely High-Stress Level

It is not a surprise that we frequently feel sick during a strenuous day at work or after an unpleasant issue at home. Stress lowers the body’s lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that aid in the defence against infections. Our vulnerability to viruses like COVID-19 and cold increases when lymphocyte counts decline.

Few Healthy Immune Boosters

If any of the red flags above seem familiar, then your immune system requires special care and attention. A few routine and lifestyle adjustments and new behaviours can help your immune system stay robust and healthy naturally:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get enough rest
  • Frequently exercise
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Maintain a vaccination schedule
  • Keep your weight in check
  • Avoid smoking
  • Make every effort to reduce stress

If the signs persist, consider a PCR test in Leicester Square. Your immune system is the headway to good health, so the best you can do to protect it, the better.